Our 6-year old 50" LG Plasma TV went out (again) on a Friday night, so I called Bruce late Saturday.  He said he couldn't make it out that day but offered to come by on Sunday (amazing!).  He confirmed it was the power supply (replaced once already a couple of years ago) and said he could get a new one and have the TV back up on Monday.  And that's exactly what happened!  If only life was always like this...   Thanks Bruce!

thumb Jay K.

  Before I begin, I'll just say that unfortunately our 55" Sony Bravia LED TV was beyond what Bruce could fix due to the manufacturer's limited supply & cost of replacement motherboards but that doesn't mean I wouldn't recommend him to anyone in need of repairs. Bruce was not only extremely professional but he was reliable and extremely accommodating. He made a house call in the late evening and allowed us to borrow a 'loaner' TV while he worked on getting the parts he needed for our broken LED. Bruce always kept in contact with us throughout the process and I would trust him to do work on another set if ever need be.

thumb Jon M.

  Let me start by saying, Bruce is the MAN! Very professional, with a pleasant personality. If you need your TV repaired correctly he is the one person that knows exactly how to do it. I have a 7-year old 55" VIZIO smart TV that acted DUMB one day. I searched Google for a repair shop in my area, and found the highly rated "Big Screen Express TV Repair" in Santa Clarita CA. I think I called on a Sunday night thinking that I would just leave a message to have a call back for Monday, but to my surprise Bruce answered the phone and set up an appointment for the next day. He came to my home, took off the back of my TV, checked it out and said it was a specific module that he might have back at the shop. He said he had several other appointments that day, and would have to come the next day. He told me that he could set the TV up to work though some RCA jacks that he had in his car, so my family could watch TV until he came back the next day. Who does that? Who goes the extra mile anymore to make customers happy...Bruce does. I am very happy that there are still people that take pride in their work, and give great customer service. Do not hesitate to call Bruce if you want to save a lot of money, and not have to fork out $1000's on a new TV. Thank you again, Bruce!!!

thumb Bigfoot J.

  Bruce couldn't have been better.  Our TV went out on Sat. over Thanksgiving weekend.  I called Bruce expecting to maybe get an appointment for Monday at the earliest.  Bruce came out on Sun., and took care of things immediately.  He was able to order the necessary parts and by Monday our TV was repaired.  Not only did Bruce do a great job for a very reasonable price, but he even followed up on Tuesday with a call to  make sure everything was still working well.  I would highly recommend Big Screen Express TY Repair.

thumb Karen M.

  Bruce is the last of the great service repair professionals! Personable, honest, and reliable! Our one year old big screen went out, and really hesitated to even get an estimate to fix it. Thought for sure we'd be buying a new one. He went above and beyond to fix our tv, at a well worth it price. Even helped us get our money back for the repair. Any future problems with our TVs, he will be our first call!

thumb Stacie A.

  Bruce has been our go to guy for TV repair for a long time.  Over the years, we have had several things go wrong with the TV and he was always quick to find the problem and fix it then and there.  Today he came by to look at a problem we were having between the volume on our TV and our remote.  I was having to get up every time and manually adjust the volume on the side of the TV.  You'd be surprised how many times you use your remote to adjust the volume on your TV between shows!  He explained to us that this time he would have to take our TV to his shop and find out what was wrong with it there.  He doubted if Samsung carried the part anymore for a TV this old.  It is a 10 year old Samsung TV and he said it would be more economical for us to just buy a new TV.  I thanked him for his advice and told him we would go to Best Buy or Fry's this evening.  He asked if we had a Costco card, which we do, and he strongly recommended getting our TV at Costco.  What impressed me most was the fact that he told me to call him FROM COSTCO (!) if the salesperson was saying anything I did not understand and he would explain to us what the salesperson was talking about.  He also told me what kind of warranty to ask for and to use a credit card for the purchase in order to get an even longer and better warranty.  I think he knows by now that I have NO electronic experience or desire to learn anything about it!  ha!  I also think he saw the dismay on my face when he started talking about how to install the new TV and immediately offered to come by TOMORROW and install it for us.  I am sure he will be very fair in how much he charges us.  Regardless, it is worth it to us to have HIM do it!  ha!  When I asked to pay him for his service call, which was before I asked him to come by tomorrow and install it for us, he said no charge!  He used up his time and gas to help us out, so I was more than willing to pay him.  Honest, decent, knowledgeable repairmen are very hard to find, and we are so happy to have found him out of the blue on-line.  He is great!   Griffen Morelock

thumb Griffen M.

  I am so happy! Bruce made our tv work just like new! We thought we would need to buy a new tv but Bruce saved our tv and our money!! I would defiantly go back to Jim but he did such a good job I probably won't see him for a long time!!

thumb Kimberly B.

  Great service if you can't bring the tv to the shop he come to you and fix it, reasonable prices, I recommend this place . Thank you Bruce

thumb Edgar F.

  I am so grateful to the Yelp reviewers who recommended Bruce.  He is fantastic!  He is kind, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable on how to fix your TV.  At first it looked like it couldn't be fixed and we were going to have to spend a lot of money for a new TV, but before he left he thought he might just have the part we need (from another older, 61 inch flat screen).  He came back the very next day to try it, and VOILA!!!  We now have our television back that my husband loves so much.  And, he gave us an extremely fair price and did not even charge again for a 2nd home visit.  He obviously cares very much about his work, but he also is extremely caring to his customers.  I would recommend him to anyone!  We are so lucky to have him in Santa Clarita!!!  Cannot thank him enough for all he did for us.

thumb Colleen B.

  Fast same day fix. My 62" Samsung went down and they debugged it over the phone for me, then came with the part. Everything was done in 15 mins. They were very personable, friendly and helpful. They also offer a warranty on their work.

thumb Aaron M.

  Wow what can I say other than wow! Bruce is the man he literally came same day and that was not what I expected. I literally called around 3:00 pm and he was here to me by 5 pm. He was extremely professional and friendly and immediately assured me my television would be fixed. I had a issue with the Tv not coming on once you click  the power on. Anyways, he gets here immediately gets to work figuring what the problem could be... he tried a few things and in 15 minutes he knew what the problem was. Once he thought of what it could be he then let me know that he maybe able to fix it and what it may cost for him to fix it and it was a EXCELLENT price I am so very satisfied and I'm glad Bruce fixed my television. So again WOW I am so happy and beyond satisfied! For any tv repair please contact Big Screen Television Repair! Bruce is the man.

thumb Kamille M.

  Quality and honest TV repair! Who knew that still existed but Bruce is awesome,prompt,fair and a great technician. The go to guy for big screens.

thumb Tim G.

  Big Screen TV Repair is #1 in Santa Clarita  Valley ! Bruce  is truly  committed  to what he does day or night!! My family and I had a 65" Samsung  big screen that is 14 yrs  old  that had many complications  and Bruce  stood by us for two weeks plus , he also made several visits to check in with the step by step fixes  he never gave up. True problem  solver! Bruce  is your guy 🙂

thumb Andres F.

  Bruce is the man!!! My 64 inch Samsung plasma rv broke in the middle of the night and I started to have a panic attack! I seethed the Internet found bruce at 9:00 at night, called the phone number expecting to get an answering machine and BoOM there was Bruce!!! He made it out to my house 9:00 the next morning, diagnosed the problem, ordered the part that same morning and was back later that night to replace the module! Now my tv is back up and running! Very nice, down to earth, profesional service! I reckons Bruce to anyone and everyone!!! 10 stars!

thumb Chris I.

  Bruce came to my house when my Samsung DLP failed to turn on after I changed the light bulb.  He showed up on time, worked on diagnosing the problem for an hour, came up with a solution but did not have the parts on hand (ballast and color wheel). He went back to the shop, did repairs,came back at 8pm, reassembled everything and got it working! Did it all in 1 day, the same day we called him. Very friendly, honest, hard working and affordable. Would definitely recommend him. Thanks Bruce!

thumb Jeremy L.

  Fantastic Experience! I thought my Big Screen was a goner. I heard horror stories from friends that there was no way to fix it. Then I found Big Screen Express and my TV is working better than ever! The repair was affordable too! I highly recommend this company.

thumb Melissa M.

  Thank you Bruce for fixing our 4 yr. old Samsung TV. He was back the next day with a new part and viola!!! Our TV is back and running. Very knowledgable and friendly, he will tell up front and no running around. I'm so glad I called this guy! Will definitely recommend 100%.

thumb Akiko G.

  Bruce is a professional who will repair your television set. Great customer service, great communication and last but not least honest and low prices! Call Bruce for your television repair needs. He got my Samsung lcd tv running again that had a bad power supply.

thumb Alex A.

  This guy is the best! Came when he said he would and fixed the issue and a fair price! This guy goes above and beyond and is honest and reasonable. Fixed my Vizio big screen power issue

thumb Steve W.

  This is the best tv repair man bruce is an honest hardworking american. He s very knowlegable , dependable and professional . I will only trust my tv repairs to big screen tv express.

thumb Rox P.

  Awesome TV repair service! I called, the gentlemen asked me what the problem was and the model number of the TV. He said he would check to see if he had the part in stock and call me back within 20 minutes. He did. The part was in stock and he said he would drop by on his way home to fix the TV. He arrived and within the hour, the TV was back in service. He even adjusted the color on it so now the picture looks better than ever!

thumb James D.

  Bruce did another outstanding job in repairing our TV set.  There is absolutely no one who is more professional in this business than he.  I would never consider calling anyone else.  If I have a problem with my TV, there is only one person whom I trust to fix it:  Yes, that would be Bruce from Big Screen Express!  In addition, he offered to assist us when we are ready to purchase another TV.  It is great knowing that Bruce will be totally honest with us when a sales associate may not be working in our best interests.  Bruce is our guy.  Period!!

thumb Bert S.

  Bruce knows what he's doing! Very pleasant to do business with. Our 60' tv is working like new. We've called him a couple of times for repairs and we're always very satisfied.

thumb Jennifer V.

  Big Screen Express has been to my home on several occasions either to install a new, smart tv, or to repair flat screen TV's in other rooms through out my home. Bruce is very knowledgeable, polite, & professional at all times.   He goes above & Beyond The general TV needs. I highly recommend this TV repair company.  We are very pleased with their services.

thumb Jessie C.

  I would give more than 5 stars to this service if such option would be available here. Seriously, do not look any further! The service is absolutely AMAZING, and Bruce is a real Wizard of Big Screen TVs! That's start with him taking my phone call at 8:45 PM on SUNDAY.....!!!!! I am not kidding... I just was going to leave a message, asking to follow up with me on Monday, but he answered the phone and spent at least 30-40 minutes asking me the very good questions about my broken TV. We scheduled a next-day appointment for the late evening hours (it was my availability). I really love my old HITACHI 55' projector TV, but I was ready to say "good buy" to it if it was time.  I needed an honest advice from a professional. And I've got more than expected! Bruce is not just truly HONEST professional with the great people skills, he possesses a very vast and detailed 38 years proven knowledge and expertise of any kind of TV repairs! Old, new, anything! Even through our original phone conversation he determined the potential problem, which was found in his personal visit. After fixing my TV and checking it several times before he left, HE FOLLOWED UP TWICE WITH THE PHONE CALLS TO CHECK ON THE TV WORKING STATUS DURING THE NEXT COUPLE DAYS!!! Can you believe it?! The service call is only $50! Check it against any other services! And this amount is included in the total repair cost. Bruce saved me thousands, because I would need to spend close to $5K to match any new TV to one that I have and like so much. I AM SO HAPPY THAT I FOUND AND HIRED BRUCE TO REPAIT MY TV!!!!!   IT WORKS  NOW BETTER THAN NEW!!!

thumb Natasha R.

  My Samsung 50"plasma  HPT5054 had a clicking turn on turn off problem. It wouldn't stay on till about the 50th attempt. Next day same issue. Called Big screen tv repair express. He was available at my schedule. He arrived at my house about 8:40 pm and by 9:30 he had fixed the problem and so far TV is in good condition. Want to save $$$$ from buying a whole new TV? call this guy. Knows his stuff and does job right.

thumb Ron M.

  Bruce is very knowledgeable about TV's. I called and he came over right away and I was very impressed with the way he does business. Very professional and straight to the point. Thanks Bruce.

thumb Sam S.

  I contacted Big Screen Express TV Repair after reading the great reviews and I was not disappointed. Bruce knows what he's doing and most importantly, he's HONEST. Bruce disassembled our tv and told me he could fix our tv, but it would cost almost as much as replacing it and there was no guarantee that our issue wouldn't occur again. I have a lot of respect for a businessman who appreciates quality of service over the dollar, and I have respect for Bruce for not gouging us for a needless repair. I would definitely recommend Big Screen Express TV.

thumb Ernie G.

  If I could give a 10 star I would. Bruce saved me thousands. Literally thousands. We had an issue with our 60 inch projection that was 13 years old. We assumed it was done. I searched the internet and found the problem on my tv and thought there was no way it could be fixed. I was making plans for a mover to come and take it to the dump and then buy a new one for $2600. I found Bruce, completely by accident and gave him a call. We made an appointment for a few days laster. He showed up on time and not only fixed it, but did a complete tuneup in under an hour for a reasonable charge. I'm so happy I found him. His level of customer service should be an example to anyone that owns a business. I don't praise much, but Big Screen Express deserves every bit of it.

thumb Matt L.

  Our 3-year old Samsung LCD had had vertical lines running down it for months, but it would "warm up" after a while and pop back to normal, so we were holding off on doing anything about it. But when it started going back to the lines in the middle of watching a show, and turning into a green screen, and losing the signal, we figured it was finally time to go buy a new one. But, not wanting to fork over all that money, I looked on Yelp and found Bruce. We called him on a Friday afternoon and he made an appointment for the next day with a 2-hour window. Bruce was on time, clean, and respectful. He checked out the lines and told us what he thought it could be. He then laid it down on the couch with a blanket and opened it up. He showed us the different parts inside and told us what he thought could be the problem (and what new parts could cost), but first said he would try cleaning the T-con ribbon connector because that might've been the only problem (which would be cheaper than getting a new part). So he used some of his cleaning solution and reconnected the wire, and the lines were gone! Bruce is friendly, honest, thorough, clean, and timely. He comes with all his tools, and I liked that he stomped his shoes clean before coming in the house. He explained that he has been working on TVs and electronics for decades. He is a true professional. He also is a great conversationalist (but not overbearing). He will be the only guy we go to from now on with any TV issues. We recommend him highly and are so glad we found him!

thumb Tori T.

  I called Bruce and he was at my home within an hour.  Fixed my 50" Sony and saved me from spending a ton of money on a new TV!   He's the best!   Thanks

thumb Earleen L.

  This is the second time that I've used Big Screen Express. Bruce fixed a 12 year old T.V. The parts were not easy to find, but he found it and fixed it and was very cool during the entire process. I really enjoy the conversations. Thanks again!

thumb Sleepy R.

  Bruce came today, (a Saturday) and fixed a most certainly hopeless TV.  I had a Westinghouse 46 inch TV and it simply wouldn't turn on.  All the reviews about my TV were dismal.  Bruce made no promises and was clear about the possibilities.  He came on time, was courteous and turned out to be extremely funny.  Even if he was not able to fix my TV, he would have gotten a great rating from me.  As things would go, his intuition, experience and knowledge had a small hunch turn in to just the right fix.  It was a small component on the board.  I think he said a transistor or something like it.  He had one in his grab bag, soldered it in there and it turned right on.  I cannot believe that I was able to have my TV back.  What an awesome experience.  I highly recommend him and will be using him for more TV advice in the future.  He is an encyclopedia...no, a GPS in the world of TV electronics.  He gets 5 stars from me!

thumb Lisa M.

  Called Bruce Tuesday night at 7:30pm he diagnosed the problem on the phone.  Bruce came out at 4:30pm Wednesday. Within 2 hours dismantled our Sony Bravia KDS-55A3000 replaced the parts that were needed, cleaned the mirror and lens then put everything back together perfectly.  I will recommend Bruce to anyone needing Television replairs and he is a really nice man....

thumb Ken W.

  Mr. Bruce was phenominal! Not only did he come out to our home during the Memorial Day weekend and not only did repair our tv in just about less than an hour, but he was kind, considerate and efficient while doing so. This man knows his stuff and does it with a smile! He is very honest and has very reasonable pricing! I would highly recommend him for any and all of your tv repair needs!

thumb Maryam N.

  Bruce came out to our house within an hour of our call, on a Sunday.  After diagnosing our tv, we found out our plasma tv needed a new logic board.  He ordered the part from Samsung and had our tv up and running again in no time. Two weeks later we had a seperate issue with the volume control on the same tv.  Again, Bruce showed up on a Sunday and was in and out within 15 minutes. The TV is up and working again.  Back to watching football and relaxing...

thumb Terry M.

  Mr. Bruce is so honest and really goes out of his way. He is awesome! Thank you for the house call and fixing our flat screen!

thumb Jacqueline F.