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Big Screen Express TV repair has been providing highest quality TV service since 1982 at lowest prices.
We repair all majopr brands and models of TVs.
LCD, LED, DLP, Plasma, Projection and CRT TVs.
We do same day TV repair in Los Angeles, San Fernanado, Santa Clarita, Antelope Valley and Ventura County.
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Five Star Reviews
on Yelp and BCA

Some of the Yelp Reviews

  Bruce is the last of the great service repair professionals! Personable, honest, and reliable! Our one year old big screen went out, and really hesitated to even get an estimate to fix it. Thought for sure we'd be buying a new one. He went above and beyond to fix our tv, at a well worth it price. Even helped us get our money back for the repair. Any future problems with our TVs, he will be our first call!

thumb Stacie A.

  Bruce has been our go to guy for TV repair for a long time.  Over the years, we have had several things go wrong with the TV and he was always quick to find the problem and fix it then and there.  Today he came by to look at a problem we were having between the volume on our TV and our remote.  I was having to get up every time and manually adjust the volume on the side of the TV.  You'd be surprised how many times you use your remote to adjust the volume on your TV between shows!  He explained to us that this time he would have to take our TV to his shop and find out what was wrong with it there.  He doubted if Samsung carried the part anymore for a TV this old.  It is a 10 year old Samsung TV and he said it would be more economical for us to just buy a new TV.  I thanked him for his advice and told him we would go to Best Buy or Fry's this evening.  He asked if we had a Costco card, which we do, and he strongly recommended getting our TV at Costco.  What impressed me most was the fact that he told me to call him FROM COSTCO (!) if the salesperson was saying anything I did not understand and he would explain to us what the salesperson was talking about.  He also told me what kind of warranty to ask for and to use a credit card for the purchase in order to get an even longer and better warranty.  I think he knows by now that I have NO electronic experience or desire to learn anything about it!  ha!  I also think he saw the dismay on my face when he started talking about how to install the new TV and immediately offered to come by TOMORROW and install it for us.  I am sure he will be very fair in how much he charges us.  Regardless, it is worth it to us to have HIM do it!  ha!  When I asked to pay him for his service call, which was before I asked him to come by tomorrow and install it for us, he said no charge!  He used up his time and gas to help us out, so I was more than willing to pay him.  Honest, decent, knowledgeable repairmen are very hard to find, and we are so happy to have found him out of the blue on-line.  He is great!   Griffen Morelock

thumb Griffen M.

  I am so happy! Bruce made our tv work just like new! We thought we would need to buy a new tv but Bruce saved our tv and our money!! I would defiantly go back to Jim but he did such a good job I probably won't see him for a long time!!

thumb Kimberly B.

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